The Four Tricks to Become Successful in Business

As the CEO of Cane Bay, Kirk Chewning knows the attributes of what it takes to make a good CEO. Educated to work in finances, Chewning worked hard to get where he is today. He allowed his dedicated nature to shine in the workplace while he got involved in the community organizations outside of work. But what traits make a CEO like Chewning so talented? Is it hard work or pure talent? Here are four tricks to become successful in business:

1. Be creative

Whether it’s numbers or painting, there’s always a place for creativity. Let it show every once in a while. This will allow different ideas to come to the surface and diverse topics to be talked about. The more creativity is used in the workplace, the more it will enable subject matters and projects to evolve to a higher level.

2. Be a risk taker

There is only so much a person can do playing it safe. In order to reach creative highs, some risk has to be taken. Therefore, thinking outside of the box in the world of business is a good thing. Business is all about the reward at the end of the day. There will always be a potential risk of not meeting expectations. However, the risk needed to exceed them is much more worthwhile in the long run.

3. Be bold

In the business world, standing out can be hard and sometimes frustrating. In a presentation setting, try to stay away from bullet points and make sure eye contact is made. Allow the presentation to be seen but the most important part is that the presentation slides do not control the overall effect of the presentation. An excellent presentation is about a good speaker in addition to slides, not just the slides. Another way to be bold is to form opinions. Allow those opinions to be seen in the workplace and further them with every assignment possible.

4. Consult others in decisions

By involving others in the decision-making process, it can be seen as evaluating other people’s opinions. Therefore, gaining potential insight into how they think and allowing them to assess something different. This second opinion could be biased or unbiased depending on the person. However, they could provide essential knowledge to the task at hand.

If used, these four tricks will pave the way to one day becoming successful in business like Chewning. Best of luck!