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Secondary Air Injection and Repair

This is a system that incorporates injection of air in vehicle exhaust systems. Secondary air injection is the introduction of air that is fresh to the emission system of a vehicle to aid in total burning of gases. The full combustion of engine gases brings about efficiency by generating more engine power.

The mode of air injection usually determines the mechanism by which emission of the exhaust gas can be manipulated. The point of air injection into the exhaust system is factored in as a determinant of the mechanism of exhaust emissions to be used. Initially, secondary air injection systems were installed and strategically placed so as to inject air in the cylinder heads, ports producing exhaust emissions or in the vehicle emission manifold.

Oxygen gas that was injected into the engine aided in complete combustion of the fuel to avoid unburned or partially combusted fuel. The aim of introducing these systems was to ensure that fuel was completely burned. With advancement in technology, effectiveness and efficiency was realized and the emission of unburned and partially burned fuel was minimized. The air injection systems were advanced to be more greater and more efficient effect.

Air injection can be done in two distinct ways for better engine performance. One of the methods used in air injection is the pumped air injection method. The pump is usually connected to the engine by using a belt which turns it or it could have an electric motor. Air is injected to the emgine’s injection points and this is done by an adequate amount of pressure from the air pump. Means of protecting the engine by checking and stopping the exhaust gas from causing harm to the air pump are installed.

Air can also be forced into the engine when in creates a suction. During a time when the vehicle is not moving, air could be forced in through negative pressure created by the engine. This system has been used by a well known vehicle manufacturer and has proved to work efficiently.

These systems reduce harmful gases being released to the atmosphere from vehicle engines. Living creatures and plants can enjoy a better atmosphere through introduction of air injection systems. Air injection systems also help in the saving of costs on fuels because they ensure that fuel is not wasted.

For better operating and results, these systems need to be monitored in several occasions and repaired if need be. In the case of stalling or ineffeciency, simple maintenance can be done or repair or change of certain components done depending on the level of trouble. We have stores that major in vehicle repair and they are equipped to mend and preserve your car’s air injection system.

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